Family of Simon, Joseph John & Walker, Marie R.

m. 1 Jun 1948 (F55029)

Family chart 

Simon, Anthony John
Male (1884-1965)
Otte, Sophia B.
Female (1885-1980)
Simon, Marie
Female (1908-1968)
Simon, Lawrence
Male (1910-1973)
Simon, Sylvester C.
Male (1911-1997)
Simon, Arthur A.
Male (1913-1984)
Simon, Margaret
Female (1916-2004)
Simon, Vincent N.
Male (1918-2002)
Simon, Herman J.
Male (1919-1919)
Simon, Anthony
Male (1921-2008)
Simon, George
Male (1927-2001)
Walker, Edwin E.
Male (1900-1929)
Hartmanstorfer, Rose M.
Female (1898-1991)
Walker, Frances M.
Female (1920-2011)
Walker, Robert
Male (1924-1991)
Walker, Edwin D.
Male (1928-1999)
Simon, Joseph John
Male (1924-1999)
Walker, Marie R.
Female (1922-2008)
Simon, Adele L.
Female (1960-2015)
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